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44: Visit the unusual house – to say the least – of architect John Soane

Designed by Sir John Soane, the architect of the Bank of England, to house his collection of works of art, this intriguing museum is packed with quirky architectural experiments, antiquities and paintings. The house has been kept almost exactly as Soane left it when he died in 1837. No room looks like the next one and Soane even created a gothic room to host his parties. His eclectic collection includes an Egyptian sarcophagus, greek statues and paintings by Turner and Canaletto. A visit doesn’t take much time – around an hour, say, during which you’re bound to make some intriguing and fascinating discoveries.

John Soane's museum

Tube Station: Holborn


39: Scare yourself at the Hunterian Museum

The thousands of specimens of the small Hunterian museum – a.k.a. the Museum of Anatomy and Pathology, located in the Royal College of Surgeons on Lincoln’s Inn Fields – can be mind-boggling, scary or disgusting – but certainly not boring. They include the skeleton of an Irish giant (exhibited against his dying wish); photos of the first surgical procedures; animals, foetuses and human body parts preserved in orderly jars. More disturbing, perhaps, the examples of what a hernia, heart disease, genetic mutations or cancer look like, among many other inflictions. Definitely not for the faint hearted.

Hunterian museum

Nearest Tube Station: Holborn