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010: Look out for London’s biggest Christmas tree

In December, Christmas is coming to town… always followed by its procession of decorated pine trees. This year, I’ve been a bit disappointed by Christmas decorations, which seem less exuberant than in the past years. Looking at the poor blue lights in Regent’s Street is enough to convince any one that the financial crisis is still deeply affecting London.

Similarly, the trees are less richly decorated than usual. But some of them are really huge, sometimes as tall as the buildings of the squares they embellish, and their sight is comforting when walking in the cold, dark streets.

Here is a sample:

In Covent Garden:

covent garden christmas tree

in Trafalgar Square:

christmas tree in Leicester square

The same at night with a choir:

choir in trafalgar square

A smaller one, in the Parliament’s courtyard:

Christmas tree parliament

And my favourite, the “Christmas elephant tree” of Selfridges!

elephant tree at selfridges