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38: cycle with Boris’s bikes

On July 30th, following the example set by other cities such as Paris, Montreal or Barcelona, some 6,000 bikes were made available at 400 docking stations all over central London. Though only registered members can currently access Barclay’s bikes (you can register online), pay-as-you-go options will be available at the beginning of September.Barclay's bikes

A day’s access costs £1 pond, while the monthly and yearly fees are £5 and £45 respectively. Once this fee is paid journeys under 30 minutes are free, and as long as you dock the bike before your 30 minutes are over, you can use as many bikes and ride as many times as you want. Otherwise, it’s £1 per hour though this price increases the longer you keep the bike. Compared to the over-expensive tube tickets, which anyway keep on getting delayed by red lights and signal failures, these bikes are a cheap, healthy and eco-friendly option for your journeys in central London – though maybe not the safest…


005: Tour London with the bus 15

I don’t know about you, but I love London’s buses. Because they are so many, and cheaper than the tube? No. Because they are red and because when you board a double-decker, it’s like going on a tour.

double decker

The bus 15 is not one I take very often, but it’s a very convenient one. It will take you to London’s most touristic attractions – Aldgate (Brick Lane), the Tower of London, St Paul’s cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Picadilly Circus, Regent’s street, Marble Arch…

bus 15

No need for an expensive tour with a private company then – just pay the 1 pound fee (with an oyster card) and enjoy the ride!