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21: For Chinese New Year, don’t go to Chinatown…

… It’s overcrowded (though you won’t see many Asian faces) and you can’t even see the few animations organised. Going up Gerrard Street will take you 20 minutes. And don’t even try to get in a Chinese restaurant: the queue stretches long in the street.

Chinese New Year in Gerrard Street

Nearest Tube: Picadilly, Leicester Square


16: Reach the top of the Monument

The Monument, which was built in the 17th century to commemorate the Great Fire of London that devastated the City in 1666, has just reopened after some 18-month renovation work.

the monument

OK, it does not seem that high – but only when you’re outside. When you get inside the Monument, and have to walk the 60 metres up to the top, in narrow spiral staircase where two people cannot walk next to each other, you come to realise that you really have to earn the Monument’s panorama.

view from the monument

When you finally get to the top, you are rewarded with a 360° view on the City, with the Thames, Tower Bridge, the town hall, Saint Paul, the Swiss Re building… and when you exit the column, by an official certificate! (is it too much? Yes!)

view on the Thames from the monument

go to the Monument Website

Nearest Tube: Monument