43: Go to cyber-clothing wonderland at Cyberdog (but don’t buy anything)

Cyberdog is one of the craziest shops of Camden Town – and this should give you a fairly good indication of how insane it is.

Horses sculptures in Stables Market

Cyberdog is located in Stables Market in Camden Town

First, let me get this straight: I have never bought anything from Cybergog, and most probably never will. But I intend to go there every time I go to Camden Town – when I have friends coming over who want to visit the standard London landmarks, that is.


Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to take pictures inside, but this photo of one of the two giant robots stationed outside can give you an idea of what you’re going to find inside. Only a faint idea, though, because going inside is a very special experience. Cyberdog is indeed specialising in ravers and cybergoths’ clothing. That apparently means fluorescent clothing with electronic accessories that you are very unlikely to wear outside a rave party – or outside of Camden Town, if you prefer. It’s quite expensive though, so it doesn’t make for a fulfilling shopping experience, but visiting the shop is clearly worth the trip. After all, where else can you find a neon-lit shop (and a DJ in the weekends) with blue-haired shop assistants selling futuristic clothing?

Nearest stations: Camden Town, Chalk Farm, Kentish Town


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